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PPE Delegation of RUC Paid an In-depth
From May 10th to 15th, the “Philosophy, Politics and Economics Undergraduate compound Project”(PPE) delegation of Renmin University(RUC) paid an in-depth visit to its counterparts at Oxford University, Warwic  more>>
International Collaborations
The School collaborates with a number of universities all over the world, including Harvard University, Yale University, Princeton University, Columbia University, Rutgers University, University of Chicago, Uni  more>>
English MA Program in Contemporary Chi
Starting from 2015, the one-year MA program in Contemporary Chinese Humanities offers overseas students the opportunity to study Chinese religion, philosophy, history, literature and art. This program will crea  more>>
为进一步选拔龙8国际的国际化水平,增强哲学院师生与美国学者的交流与互助,2014年9月14—19日,龙8国际院长姚新中教授率副院长魏德东、副院长臧峰宇、院长助理刘玮、外籍教员Daniel Lim赴美国普林斯顿年夜...  more>>
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